Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Staying Upstairs

E: Are you going to be busy upstairs for a while?
Me: Probably, why?

E: I'm going to do one of those things that freaks you out if you see it.
Me: Like what - crack your neck?

E: I'm just going to....
Me: I don't want to know any more.

E: No no - it's nothing.
I go upstairs and revisit the entire conversation searching for something that would explain the excessive racket coming from downstairs. What is he doing? I can hear waaaaayyyy too much power tool noise and the occasional *crack* for it to be "nothing". Freaking E.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mota-mota-mota-mota motivation

Last Friday I went to a writer's conference in the Boston area. Before leaving I wanted to go for a run and buy a new outfit because everything I own became completely hideous when it was time to pack. I woke up in a cold sweat at 6am, but instead of tossing in bed worrying about getting everything done I got out of bed and went for a nice 45 minute run. yessss! big improvement over the old worrying Karen.

The conference was fantastic. My favourite networking tactic worked like a charm. Instead of barging in on someone else's conversation (a la Animal House - Hey guys! You playing cards?) I get a drink, sit at a table by myself and then see who sits with me. I met two published authors at my first conference this way, and this time I met a handful of writers from Ottawa.

Besides the chocolate and free books, I love conferences because writing makes me feel like a crazy person, and at the conferences I feel less crazy and better able to focus on the possibilities and opportunities. The free books and chocolate are also excellent. I won a 10-page critique in one of the workshops - that means I get to send 10 pages to the published author who gave the workshop and she will send me feedback. To a writer, this is a huge help. To date I've only had feedback from friends and family who tend to encourage everything I do. "No really, it's good."

I've set a goal for myself to get my SECOND draft in readable shape and in the hands of my readers by the time I leave for my bicycle trip May 24th. I will need to embrace my inner Stephen Covey to find/make the time.

I have no shortage of distractions - I've been training for a half-marathon and am actually in shape to run in, but choose not to because it costs $60, and it's not how I want to spend Sunday. I'm also training for my upcoming week-long bike trip, the summer triathlon season and potential other active upcoming trips.

One of these possible upcoming trips is either a huge distraction that I shouldn't even consider or the opportunity of a lifetime that will transform me into a stronger, richer person with a greater appreciation of life and give me excellent background material for a unique novel. I'm still not sure which one and E is confusing me because he can be extremely convincing. I know he means well, but there was that Mt. Washington incident of'07 that I do not want to re-live in epic proportions.