Saturday, May 24, 2008

Awaiting Reader Feedback

I just sent 177 pages to a select group of volunteer first readers. I originally wanted to send the whole thing to them - my deadline was today, but I ended up revising the last 1/3 of the book, and right now it's only outlined, not written. Still, I feel good about being able to send 2/3 for critique. At this point I need feedback! I can't wait to hear their comments - good and bad.

It's difficult to give a good critique - you need to balance encouragement with useful suggestions for improvement.

I signed up for an online plotting course that starts June 2 - it was highly recommended, so I hope it's worthwhile. I am not a big fan of online classes, but I'm open to having my opinion changed.

Emily Giffen has a new book out: Love the One You're With. As soon as I can get a copy it will be next in my TBR pile.
Currently reading: Rachel's Holiday - an old one from Marian Keyes that I never got around to reading before.

Gone cycling as of tomorrow - I'm doing a 5-day trip around Lake Champlain. Hoping for minimal rain!
Not packed yet....
some things never change

I found the perfect museum exhibit of interest to both me and E!
We're seriously trying to find a way to go.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Recommended Reading

I just finished Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella and loved it! The description of the book sounds lame because it's an amnesia story - I know I know, I rolled my eyes at first, too thinking of bad soap opera story lines, but Kinsella makes it work.

There's an "E" character who has automated his house, but he has disco lights and the toilets are on the circuit (making me realize my E/lighting situation could be much much worse).

Even if you aren't a big fan of her Shopaholic books, I still recommend Remember Me?
Kinsella is getting better and better. Can't wait for her next book!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm a photojournalist

One of the diving photos I posted on Flickr got picked up by "now public" (with my permission)

See the article here.


It might actually be E's photo so I might only know a photo journalist. I'm the one who uploaded it to Flickr... apparently I'm in charge of PR for our photojournalism efforts.

: )

Friday, May 02, 2008

Gone Fishing

Not me - E!

I've got a book to write. I can't be hanging around drinking porto in front of the campfire and eating E's famous jambalaya.

aargh - I really wanted to go, but if I have any hope of meeting my self-imposed deadline I need to start prioritizing.

The sacrifices I make for my art...

It's not all bad - I made arrangements with a fellow writer to carpool together to the writer's group in Ottawa on Sunday - remember I met some of those writers at the conference I went to in Boston? I actually followed up this time : )

So, no jambablya or porto for me - I'll be scrounging together whatever microwaveable food is in the freezer and keep work, work, working.