Wednesday, May 27, 2009

E-pubbed books=indie films

I admit to previously having a snob attitude toward e-published books; they're not printed so they're somehow sub-standard, right? Just a step above having the book in Word on your computer, right? Maybe that used to be the case (and is the case with some vanity publishers), but not any more.

I've decided that e-pubbed books are like indie films - yes they might lack the big budget of the blockbuster, but they have more room to play and produce interesting, quirky, non-mainstream ideas and explore themes that might scare off a big producer.

I'm also slowly waking up to the fact that since publishing is about to change dramatically, I am in a unique position to put myself ahead by anticipating the new rules and learning them quickly.
Does that mean I've abandoned my quest to see my book in print? No. Hell no - I'd love nothing more than to see a big fat hardcover with my name on it wheeled out in pallets. I just need to keep my eyes open, make sure my brains are on, and be smart enough to recognize the glint of opportunities that might pop up in unexpected places.

And I want a Kindle or e-Reader NOW - I'm predicting that I won't make it through the summer without one. It's a BUSINESS expense : )

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Part of the Process

Received a rejection today (see below post about celebra-vomiting). On the plus side, the agent responded quickly. Also on the plus side, the rejection was "nice" - addressed to me personally and encouraging - said I was a "writer of talent" and suggested I keep sending it out to others. Maybe this is what they tell everyone they reject, but from what I've heard, I don't think so.

Therefore, it is not bad news. Not great news, but not bad either. Next step: keep sending it out. I am making a list of 5 more agents and then I will send it out again.

For the record, this is book #1 which I finished 3 years ago and then shelved because I couldn't stand looking at it any more. I dusted it off and polished it when an agent was interested in the concept, and I discovered it was actually good - why did I shelve it? Sometimes I'm not so bright.

Got to go get back on the horse.