Sunday, December 13, 2009

Awesome weekend

Celebrated my birthday in Quebec City - went xc skiing, followed by a swim plus an icy sprint across a snow-covered courtyard to an outdoor jacuzzi. It was -12C (that's 14 F).

Enjoyed wonderful food (rabbit, duck, lots of chocolate!) plus wine.

Quebec City is beautiful- we've got to go back.

Then as a bonus, when I got home I found out I won a box of books! I LOVE free books: )

I'm really happy. Thank you Cindy Procter-King

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


It got ugly by the final weekend - I had to crank out 5k per day but I did it. Thanks for the kudos Dodi (or 609b e3455...)

E kept himself entertained by going out drinking with ex-girlfriends from high school Saturday night and then "hunting" Sunday which again resulted in him coming home with nothing to show for it. On any other weekend I might have been suspicious and imagined all sorts of sordid scenarios, but all my imagination was focused on NaNo, so as long as he was keeping himself entertained without cutting the power to the house I didn't ask too many questions.

Now I'm taking a break from that project, reading some more how to books and devouring more YA lit for analysis.

And oh, right, it's December which means we'll be celebrating the birth of me, E, and Jesus soon. Need to get the house decked out, make some lists, bake some cookies.

Everyone wants books as gifts, right? I know that's my favorite gift : )