Monday, May 19, 2008

Recommended Reading

I just finished Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella and loved it! The description of the book sounds lame because it's an amnesia story - I know I know, I rolled my eyes at first, too thinking of bad soap opera story lines, but Kinsella makes it work.

There's an "E" character who has automated his house, but he has disco lights and the toilets are on the circuit (making me realize my E/lighting situation could be much much worse).

Even if you aren't a big fan of her Shopaholic books, I still recommend Remember Me?
Kinsella is getting better and better. Can't wait for her next book!


Dodi said...

Hmm, I really didn't care for the Shopaholic book I read. Sounds like this is a perfect opportunity to break in my new library card. Maybe this time around I can overcome my lousy library karma.

Glad to hear she is getting better.

grandorse said...

Her non-series books are laugh out loud funny. I suggest starting with Non-domestic goddess (I think that's the title). I haven't tried the Shopaholic ones--can't imagine anything fun or funny about shopping.

Dodi said...

I read it this weekend. I really enjoyed it. Much better than the little I remember about the shopping books. Thanks for the recommendation.

Anonymous said...

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