Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bring on the Nightmares

Yesterday I got completely jammed up with my book - I had to do the Starbucks escape with a notebook and pen thing to get moving again.

I also had trouble falling asleep, but not because I was thinking of this book - I thought of a complete plot for a horror story - beginning to end. I had to turn on a light and write it down. This morning I looked at it again and ran it by Linda. She likes it - it still makes sense, not like some crazy undecipherable dream.

How weird is that? I don't even read much horror. Apparently there's a lot of unexplored stuff simmering in my subconscious soup.

So now I am motivated to finish this chick lit novel so I can move on and scare the crap out of people. Much more fun.

: )

p.s. heard a real-life horror story today: e. only read 5 books last year! 3 on military stuff and 2 on kayaking. Now THAT'S scary. He needs me to dig him out of that deep, dark bookless well. I set him up with One for The Money, King Leopold's Ghost and Timeline for the long Easter weekend.


Shortfuse said...

"...One for The Money, King Leopold's Ghost and Timeline for the long Easter weekend." That's a pretty tall order. In my spare time I would much rather live the adventure that read about it!

Karen said...

Downtime. It's all about balance. And I hope you don't want to re-enact King Leopold's Ghost!!!

Dodi said...

Which reminds me that I never finished King Leopold's Ghost. I could not get into it when I tried.

Maybe you should start e. out with something lighter? What is the guy equivilent of chick-lit? Fletch? Spenser? Maybe there is no guy-lit.

I don't watch much horror, but I'll read the occational book. I like to know the story, but I don't always want to put myself through the emotional turmoil of reading it.

Anonymous said...

What's the book Jimmy Bell likes so much about the guy that decides to be an outdoor person but has never been outdoorsy or active? It was a best seller. I couldn't make it through his shopping so I don't know what came next, but it must be the male equal to chick lit.

Karen said...

I think e. will relate better to King Leopold than to a guy who has never been outdoorsy or active.

Anonymous said...

whatchu talkin' 'bout, willard?