Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Help pls!

I need another name like the 'Geek Squad' - you know those guys at Best Buy who will fix your computer even if it means plugging it in or hitting the Any key.

I want to use a Geek Squad in my book but I need my own name.

All I can come up with is 'Reboot Rangers' which sux.

Pls brainstrom anything - bad ideas pave the way to good ideas (at least I hope so or my book is doomed).

Thanks in advance

And yes, this means I am making progress....


Shortfuse said...

Bit Heads

dorothy said...

I did a geek squad google search. I like pcpitstop myself. How about pc pit crew so you aren't using someone's copywritten logo/name? I guess you can though, eh?

I am about to call you.

Karen said...

good ones! QN gave me
Virus Busters
Nerd Squad

Dodi said...

PC Avengers - Vanquishing the dreaded blue screen of death where ever it lurks.

You did say bad ideas where exceptable. :)

OS Gurus
Hardware Hitmen
Hardware Rescue
Hacker Brigade (Because hackers are just brilliant coders, media is responisble for bad conotations.)

How about something with a cool acronym? I also like CompuSurgeons.

Trackrick said...

Bluescreen B Gone
l33t Squad or 1337 5qu4d
Silicon Heads
Net Vets

That's all I've got for now.

Dodi said...

'Puter Posse
PC Posse (PCP)
Scrub and Repair Renew
The Assclowns

Okay, that last one is just because I'm trying to work assclown into as many conversations as possible.

bobapede said...

Plug 'N Pray Boys
IT Girls
Electric Eels
Keyboard Kops
CPU Saviors