Friday, September 22, 2006

Make Sure it's Flawless

That is some of the advice on a Do's and Dont's tip sheet from the conference about sending your work to an agent. While I appreciate the advice, it's been paralyzing me, because while flawless is an admirable goal, it's also impossible.

I can' think of a single book I've ever read that was absolutely flawless, can you? Every author (and human) has strengths and weaknesses. If the strengths are used to great advantage and the weaknesses minimized, then the book works. I will minimize the flaws in my manuscript and then find someone who appreciates my strengths and can help accentuate them to get my book published.


Anonymous said...

just make sure there are no typos and you will be fine.

Dodi said...

I agree with anonymous, quadruple check for typos and spelling. Nothing drags me out of a story faster than text errors (usually wrong word or extra words).

Stop fretting and get to work tightening your story. You'll do great!