Monday, January 29, 2007

Panda Therapy

I was feeling anxious about making a tough decision when I saw photos of the baby pandas. They're so freaking cute I felt cheered up immediately.

Tough decision? Putting book #1 aside to focus on book #2. I've been going around about this decision for months. It's difficult to be sure that I'm not just stopping because I'm tired of book #1 in the final stages. No, I'm sure that's not it - I gave it a nice long break and even had a fresh angle that would have improved some trouble spots. I honestly think it might just be my 'learning' book. It's painful to not do anything with it but file it away, but I believe my time will be better spent moving book #2 forward. Book #2 has a fresher angle, is better organized and tighter (thanks to me learning the hard way) and I think it has a better chance of hitting the mark I'm aiming for and being something I'm proud to have my name on instead of hiding behind Chiete Nickerson.

So there it is. Next deadline: March 30 - conference in MA and a chance to pitch the book to an agent. Time to get cracking.

Oh, and I also need to lose 15 lbs and get in shape to run a 1/2 marathon by the end of April.

Feeling anxious, must go look at pandas,... ahhhhhh. : )


Dodi said...

I was cynical that your panda picture was nothing special. Then I clicked the link and an involuntery "Awww" left me lips. Panda explosion indeed. Makes me want to roll around in a pile of baby pandas.

Karen said...

I love the photo where they are playing around in the doctor's office, rifling through files and batting what looks like a gas tank.

I would get no work done if I had 12 pandas in my office, but at least I'd have a good excuse.

Trackrick said...

You can always publish your first book later, when you're famous and the public will want all the books they can get from you. Kinda like Stephen King publishing his earlier stuff, under the Richard Bachman pseudonym, after he had already hit it big with Carrie and The Shining, etc.

Shortfuse said...

I checked out the photo link. It's "Panadalerium" in that zoo!!!!