Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blame it on biorhythyms

Whenever everything I touch seems to go wrong, I like to check my biorhythms. I know it's kind of like praying to pagan gods during an eclipse, but for whatever reason, believing that there is something controlling this mess is comforting.
According to my chart for today, it's a miracle I even got out of bed. My Intellectual, Emotional, and Wisdom states are all in the crapper right now.

Light examples of my current state: could not speak properly yesterday. Ordered a 'whole wheat tomato' instead of a 'whole wheat bagel' at Tim Hortons yesterday, and it took a while to clear up the confusion

More serious example: I think the accountant I used to prepare my taxes and E's taxes was incompetent. Still sorting this mess out.

I am trying to look for the silver lining, but I just want to curl up under a cozy duvet and not think about it.

Oh, and I broke E's snappy labelmaker (the nice Brother P-Touch kind, not the cheap 70's kind) when I was trying to do filing in my office.


Dodi said...

I choose to not believe in biorythms. If I did I'd be worried that all but one of my lines is way below 0%. Since I've just started to fill my new role I can't afford to be in the crapper intellectually and physically. Therefore, it is crap ;)

Sorry things are dismal for you right now.

Karen said...

I think I bottomed out yesterday and am climbing back up.

Car is fixed, GD & Boba will pick it up tomorrow.

Financial troubles are easing thanks to loans with reasonable interest (not 18% on my credit card!)

Several new jobs came in this week which will help me pay back loans quickly.

E got my computer running smoothly and found the source of the trouble with the labelmaker.

I am meeting with another accountant next week to fix whatever problems were caused by the first accountant.
We hatessss them.