Thursday, May 10, 2007

Help me beat E!

In June I will be participating in the 'Step Up for the Children' 10K run fund-raiser for the Foundation for Research into Children's Diseases. E is the team captain, so my participation is mandatory. As you know, E is not human, and will run the race in some ridiculously fast time which I have no chance of beating. He will also send one lame e-mail the day before the race and somehow magically manage to raise tons of money. Sometimes he can be really irritating.
Please help me out-fund-raise him!

If you're inclined to give donations to worthy causes, this is a good one and I am actively (so to speak) requesting donations. To sponsor me, click here. Tax receipts are provided via e-mail.

My reason for doing this isn't just to beat E. One of my three main goals for this year is to get into 10K shape which for me means being able to roll out of bed and run a 10K race in less than 60 minutes on a whim. That isn't a fast pace, but it does represent a good level of fitness for me.

I already did one 10K in March and finished in 1:04:31. I've increased my training and dropped a few lbs so I'm hoping I can break 1:00 in the next race in June. Last year I ran it in 1:06:26. It's a fun race for a good cause, and an opportunity to squish E like a bug. Help me!

Thanks Dorse and Dodi! I'm well on my way to crushing E under my strappy sandals : )

I think if E loses he should have to spend a weekend slacking, watching a movie/tv series marathon of my choice.

If I lose, well, it will just be sad.


Anonymous said...

(Suggestion for next blog entry: The "Gilmore Girls", what they have meant to us, and why their loss is so tragic.)

Shortfuse said...

I hear Gilmore Girls got cancelled after they had to ground Rory for sneaking off to Sin City at night to work as a hooker. See what going to that expensive prep-school got her.

Anonymous said...

I heard it was, "here-a-chick, there-a-chick, everywhere-a-chick-chick...."

(You dig?)

Karen said...

I thought the cancellation was over money--?

Shortfuse said...

So what happens if you don't win? You can't just sart something and then walk away when it goes south. I can see an 8 hour orienteering race in your future ... hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hey, better still, I think she should "second" you in a race.

Karen said...

If you want to make the rules you can start your own blog.