Tuesday, July 17, 2007


That's me shouting HP5-style - I just finished re-reading Order of the Phoenix. I burned through it really quickly the first time to get to the end, so it was nice to slow down and enjoy reading it the second time through. I just picked up HP 6 to read for the second time and have been negotiating time chunks to read. Why negotiating? Because E and I are completely booked up through mid-August. He's agreed to do all driving and not complain while I sit in the passenger seat and read. I've got to finish HP7 before meeting the family for vacation because I will either hear spoilers or be left out of any and all HP conversations. Plan A was to spend this weekend reading the whole thing, but friends from Vermont invited us to go on a 2-day bike tour, and it IS summer after all,... so I will be picking my copy of HP up on SUNDAY - very late, and then reading next week and en route to the family vacation.

I have no idea who lives or dies or if Snape is good or evil. I don't like to try to figure things out before because either way it would be disappointing. I want to be surprised. My only hope is that we see more of Fred and George Weasley and that there is an ending that makes sense. I heart the twins.

I am a little homesick about HP7 - for HP6 I was with ksl, Dodi and the boys and we had a great time at Barnes and Noble midnight madness - the best part was we waited in line for hours, then stopped at a grocery store on the way home only to find a table heaped with HP6 and no lineup.

This time I will just be running into Chapters to grab my copy 2 DAYS after it is released. Not so fun. Maybe E will dress up in a cape and HP glasses.


Shortfuse said...

Maybe, but you have to supply the broom!

Dodi said...

HP5 STYLE! [chuckle]

I'm not looking forward to the HP6 movie. All that snogging on screen could be painful.

I still plan to read all weekend, but I just had to turn down a social invitation and it felt lame. I will be careful not to publish any spoilers for a few weeks without double-secret security measures.

We'll miss you! I think the boys are going to stay with us to the end this time. Maybe I'll wear radish earrings and a butterbeer cork necklace to the HP 'party'. What do you think?

Karen said...

xcellent. I think I'd go for a Mad-Eye Moody look.

But I'll probably just look mad >:|

Trackrick said...

I'll probably be a late finisher too, this time around.

I re-read HP 5 and 6 while also listening to them on CD during my long commutes (listen to a few chapters in the car, pick it back up in the book during lunch, pick that back up in the car, and so on.) I thought it would be nice to do that again for HP7, but the catch is that I ordered it and the book from Amazon, using gift certificates for free HP goodness, and, while the book is guaranteed to arrive on Saturday or my money back, the CDs won't ship until Monday, so I won't be able to listen to them in my car until Wednesday morning (and that's only because I selected overnight shipping.)

And so... I'll be dragging my heels reading the book. Otherwise, what was the point in getting the CDs?

Besides which, the wife and kid and I will be at Artscape for a good part of Saturday, M and I are seeing HP 5 The Movie on Saturday night, and I'll probably be visiting the fam and maybe my Iraq-bound buddy on Sunday. So my schedule's a bit booked anyway.

Also, I have no reason to hurry up this time anyway. I had to rush HP5 because I was having dinner with Dodi and ksL and had to get it done beforehand. I rushed HP6 because M had her own copy and was reading it at the same time, and I wanted to keep up with her. Not a problem this time. I have no social plans with anyone who will be reading the book, and M won't be reading it until I'm done because we're only buying the one copy (well, two, counting the CD, but I'll have them both.)

I will be avoiding a lot of media outlets until I get that book finished. Especially discussion boards. Not yours, of course. I can trust the people on your board to keep their mouth shut.

Dodi said...

I finished three pairs of radish earrings last night but was only able to make one butterbeer cork necklace. I'm psyched. But I'm also more socially engaged than I was two years ago, so I won't be able to hide away completely until I'm done. I do want to finish before Monday if possible. I figure the likelyhood of accidental spoilage grows exponentially each day.

Trackrick said...

Well, the CD is no longer a consideration, vis-a-vis reading the book slowly. I had reserved a copy of the CDs at the library, but I was #162 on that list, so I figured that it would be a long time before my turn to check them out would come (and the lady there pretty much told me that too,) so I ordered the CDs from Amazon and forgot all about the library.

Apparently, they ended up just ordering enough for everybody on the list, so I got the CDs this morning! I still haven't gotten the book!

Dodi said...

I've read it. Now I'm reading it again. That's all I've got to say about it until the rest of you have finished.

Karen said...

Zero progress- I just made E. read all the comments to make sure no evil Internet person posted spoilers.

I will not have a chance to finish before the drive to OH.

"The risk of spoiler exposure increases exponentially with each passing day " - AGREED - after the first weekend, it's a land-mine out there... must avoid all human contact..