Sunday, October 14, 2007

How's the Book Going?

The dreaded question.

YOU guess the answer.

This weekend, I

-Started reading Volume I of the Children of Violence series by Doris Lessing (I wanted to read the Golden Notebook, but it was already checked out of the library)

-Shoveled more gravel, this time mixed with clay-like dirt

-Made turkey soup with actual turkey carcass broth

-Did freelance writing (paying) work to support my growing online shopping habit

-Found the new must-have dishes I must have online

-went to the hardware store to color-correct the gallon of salmon-color workout room floor paint that E bought from a chip I selected (I swear the chip didn't look salmony)

Looking over this list, NONE of it should be more important than getting my book done. grrr.


Dodi said...

So um, how's the book coming now?

I haven't even started on my nephew's three-headed Halloween costume. I love making them, but I also hate it a little. I'm so afraid of failure I can barely begin. Then once I get caught up in it I panic because I haven't left nearly enough time to do it right. Why do we torture ourselves so?

Are you doing the NaNoWriMo again this year? I'm tempted, but think I'm still too crazy to try it.

Karen said...

I'm doing FiMyNoMo: FinishMyNovel Month

E is working on the graphics when he's not shoveling gravel...