Tuesday, November 03, 2009


After a shaky start due to E giving me a horrific cold with a tuberculosis-like cough he has titled J74N1, I am finally on track NaNo wise.

Of course, I've completely changed one of the characters already, despite doing a LOT of pre-planning, pre-plotting and character development. Lesson learned from the last NaNoWriMo - no plot is a HUGE problem...

I've also been reading more YA:
The Year of Secret Assignments and Wintergirls.
Also read and really enjoyed Uglies - now need to finish the series. AND, bonus! Scott Westerfeld will be at our local bookstore tomorrow. I really want to go but I don't want to cough all over him so I'll have to wait and see how I feel.

In the words of the Godfather from GK,
3 words:


Anonymous said...

Go Go Go! Yay Karen!

I read Westerfeld's latest, Leviathan. It is quite good, but left me hanging. Is first in a series and not as satisfying as a stand alone book. I prefer series that have a complete plot within themselves. It's less painful if you come to the series late and all books are available. How long until the next book is published? Frustrating. I didn't know was just part of the story. Grrrr. It you'd like to pass that along to Westerfeld along with your cough I'd appreciate it.


Dodi said...

Hey! Where is your NaNoWriMo counter?
I've been watching the count. You say that writers who blog are not writing their novels, so I was watching your progress in your sidebar and waiting patiently until December to read your tales.

Please put counter back or give us a short story of your progress. You are making it difficult to live vicariously!

Anonymous said...

maybe I'll see counter if not logged into my google account?


Karen said...

I'm not sure what's going on with that crazy counter. I haven't touched the code and it keeps disappearing. I think the head NaNo site is having some bandwidth issue. I am still plugging away.

: )

Dodi said...

Glad to hear it! I see 6761 words today. I thought I saw in the 14000s before. Have you chucked a portion?

Any who, you are awesome!

Anonymous said...
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Karen said...

I'm at 18,344, so I'm on target. No chucking allowed during NaNo!

They are officially having problems with their widgets, so it's not just me.