Saturday, December 09, 2006


So far so okay in Cuba. A few stolen items from E's luggage including the underwater camera got us off to a rocky start but after lots of rum drinks we're starting to recover.

No diving yet - too much wind today, but we did try out my new mask in the pool yesterday and I can clear it no probnlem, so I feel ready. Today will most likely be a day of slack - we're adjusting nicely to the despacio pace here.

We've almost got our little side trip to Havana planned - probably next weekend.
Time for my first siesta soon.

see you later : )


Anonymous said...

i do not think there is much crime in cuba. shame about the camera.

Anonymous said...

There are 10 other people from the US in Cuba visiting. I hope you aren't staying at the same hotel.

Anonymous said...

When we were coming back from Cuba, someone stuck an old shoe into the luggage AFTER we had it checked in. We had stuffed our dirty, unwashed laundry in the luggage and that was it: all our important stuff was in our carry on, so good luck with the used socks!
When I opened the luggage at home I couldn't figure out what that shoe was doing in there... took a while to realize what had happened. In the end we were simply VERY happy that no one had stuck in any drugs to make our return home a memorable one.
Shame about the underwater camera. They stole it from your carry-on luggage or was that in your checked luggage?