Saturday, November 03, 2007


I'm sad not to be part of National Novel Writing Month this year. Instead I'm trying to motivate myself to FinishMyNovel this Month.

E is supposed to make me a FiMyNoMo logo and progress bars, but he's got a 5-mile long to-do list, and spent last Saturday repainting the hood of my car, so I will have to be patient. So far, I've logged 1 hour/20 pages of revision. I have no idea why I'm so hesitant/reluctant/scared to work on this book. I suppose it's a fear of failure thing, but I still need to do a lot more before I'd consider the effort a failure. At this point it would be pure giving up, and I'm not a quitter.

So, the butt glue has been applied. I'm logging my hours, and I've set goals. Apparently I fall into the group of people who are motivated by achievement (as opposed to power or people).

Wish me luck, and if you see me out doing something other than working on my book, send me home.

Side note: total Halloween candies consumed: 4. not bad. : )

Created Temporary logo - hideous. Cannot figure out how to manipulate text in Jasc Pro, let alone add images.

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Dodi said...

Good luck! I'm still recovering from my all-nighter finishing the costume. I procrastinated like mad because I was afraid to commit to certain decisions. I wasn't sure my harness design would work. I was also uncertain I could get the eye color to match my nephew's eyes. Both took much longer to complete than I thought and the harness needed to be modified to work, but it all turned out fine.

I'm glad you are forcing yourself to work now, maybe the end of the month won't be as painful as mine.