Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This made me cry

I am probably the last person to hear about this guy (I take that back, when I showed E, he didn't know so I was at least 2nd to last)

I thought it was fake, but when I checked around, apparently not!
more info/updates: http://www.paulpottsopera.org/index.html

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Dodi said...

Third to last

Trackrick said...

Fourth to last

Trackrick said...

And I have to say that that was really awesome! I thought it was gonna be Simon Cowell ripping into some poor sap.

Karen said...

Ok - I don't feel so 'out of it' now : )
I expected it to be a roasting of someone who couldn't sing at all - like that guy who did the really painful version of a Ricky Martin song.

Trackrick said...

Now you're fifth to last, because when I told Margaret about it, she hadn't heard of him either.

Funny enough, a friend of hers in Louisiana forwarded that video to her this morning. This must have happened recently.