Thursday, January 10, 2008


Finally, the surfing, diving and Chicago photos are online. Use the links below to see them. I split the photos in two sets so that you don't have to wade (!) through all the fish pictures.

The links will take you into my flickr account. View each set as a slideshow so the photos are as big as possible. To see my captions, in the lower right corner click Options and then select Always show title and description.

Florida, surfing, diving highlights, Chicago

More Diving

1 comment:

Dodi said...

Awesome! Soon all you'll have to do to decorate for Christmas is put out all the framed shots of your Christmas dives.

I'd like to try surfing some time. I think my yoga practice will help with the balance thing.

I'm so jealous of your adventures. I better start planning something awesome for my 40th in 20 months. Maybe ksl and I could adventure together. Or we could just to the slumber party thing again. Maybe that's more our style :)