Thursday, January 31, 2008


1) Gilmore Girls Movie marathon-DONE. Remember that 10K fundraiser I ran in last year where I bet E that I could raise more funds than he could, and if I lost I had to do an orienteering race, and if he lost he had to watch the last season of Gilmore Girls with me? I won mainly because all of his friends gave money to me in order to make him suffer. We finally got through all of the DVDs and while it was a little fun to make him suffer, it kind of ruined it for me because I like GG. Lesson learned- I'm not good at torture.

2) Making an effort to go out with my female friends more- PROGRESS. Everyone is busy, but it really doesn't take much to pick up the phone and arrange a night to go to the movies. So I miss the occasional workout or get to bed later than normal - big deal. So far I've gone to 2 chick flicks: Atonement (YUK - I Highly recommend avoiding it)
27 dresses (CUTE! Meets expectations from the trailers. Not deep, but entertaining)

3) Book - PROGRESS. I'm working on it regularly instead of waiting for huge chunks of time to open up, and I've been reading other books strictly to learn how they were put together - I am close to finishing my first Nora Roberts book ever.

4) Relaxing - NOT SO GOOD. I signed up for yoga twice a week, and have missed as many sessions as I 've attended so far. grrr. I also have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night. Must work on this one.


Anonymous said...

More important than this stuff... it looks like sheer charisma may not propel Obama into the WH. Apparently substance still matters (maybe not much, but at least a bit) in US politics. Whenever Obama has to come up with even something of a hint of HOW he wants to accomplish his inspirational goals, he folds.
It's scary to think the leader of the free world might turn out to be stuffed with cotton candy and happy thoughts, and that nobody cares as long as he's not a Clinton.

Dorothy said...

Who in the hell are you and what planet are you from? You didn't even post a name. I don't care if Obama says NOTHING. He was against the war from day one. He is compassionate and honest. Past actions speak far louder than campaign promises and plans that will never be put into practice.

Is it more important for K to stay in today or obsess about the next president? Focused or Distracted?