Thursday, February 07, 2008

Either Hilary or Obama is fine with me - let's just get on with it!

Bush has to go NOW

I just read this on Publisher's Lunch

"President Bush's proposed budget calling for the elimination of Reading Is Fundamental's (RIF) Inexpensive Book Distribution program would be devastating to the 4.6 million children and their families who receive free books and reading encouragement from RIF programs at nearly 20,000 locations throughout the U.S."

I can understand why GW wants people to be illiterate. Now if the Dems can stop bickering over which of their AMAZING candidates is SLIGHTLY better than the other one and focus on combining their forces to get him or her elected maybe we can stop the insanity.

Can we please stop bickering over which grade of sand is best and focus on stopping the flooding?

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Dodi said...

I agree. I'm exhausted by the primaries and dreading the next 8+ months. Ready to move on to any democrat. It is a sign of how awful Bush is that even McCain seems like he would be a welcome relief.

I'm tired of feeling nausea at the mention of my president.