Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm #7

Sorry for the quiet, but we've been freak-show busy. Here's proof:

Me classic xc skiing in a 5K race last Saturday. I placed #7 of 14 in my age group which sounds good, but in reality a lot of those women had kids with them and were skiing waaay in the back. But hey - too bad. I'm #7, I'm #7.

E did 29K and placed well for his age group. He is racing again next weekend, but I am taking a friggin' break.

We were winter camping the weekend before last and still haven't quite unpacked. I should be able to do a major flicr upload soon.

I hope you are enjoying all the snow (if you have snow wherever you are.)
snow=fun. seriously. cold= not so fun, winter rain = crap.


Anonymous said...

Skiing is a good idea in winter.


Seems like it's neck and neck with Hillary and Obama. I just wish he would at least come up with SOMETHING concrete that did NOT have an inspirational message attached to it. Just a simple policy statement with some hard and fast details on how he sees himself actually carrying out his plans.
Andrew Young, one of the giants of the civil rights movement, said that he wants Obama to be president-- in 2016, not 2008. Young has argued that Obama is too inexperienced for the job and lacks a network of allies that could sustain him in times of trouble. Young said "to put a brother in there by himself is to set him up for crucifixion."
It would help if Obama could spell out some of his ideas and show some depth.

Dodi said...

Go #7! Woo!

I would not say snow = fun for me, but I don't mind it much. It is the rain followed by single digit temperatures that bums me out. There is a skating patch in the parking lot I have to cross and a big ice patch at the bottom of my cul-de-sac that makes turning out a bit treacherous at the moment.

At least the sun is out. Can't stay out to enjoy it with sub-zero wind-chills, it looks nice from inside.