Sunday, March 23, 2008

For a smart person, I can be really dumb sometimes

I've been worrying for no reason and wasting a lot of mental energy conjuring up worst-case, what-if scenarios. No more. Now 100% of my thoughts are on what I can and will accomplish, and I will steamroller over anyone or anything that tells me otherwise. What if I owe more on my freelance taxes than I have saved? Line of credit - it will be the bank's problem. Don't bother me with these things, I'm writing a book.

I've also been a complete MORON about my network. I joined a business networking group to promote my freelancing when I'm already overloaded with freelance work. Meanwhile, I meet writers who hand me their cards and e-mail me, but do I actively maintain these networks? No. Why not? Good question. No more. I am digging their cards out and retrieving the PHONE NUMBER a local author wrote in her book telling me to call her. I will create the network I actually want and need.

I am surrounded by intelligent, ambitious people, but instead of being motivated and energized by them I feel unequal and intimidated. Opportunities land in my lap and I brush them away. Why? Where does this pit of fear come from? I have no idea, but I am filling it with cement.

“The first and best victory is to conquer self; to be conquered by self is of all things most shameful and vile.” -Plato

Smart guy.

Smart girl.

The message is sinking in.

Don't believe me?


: )

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Anonymous said...

Everyone needs a business card, you've got that right.


It's gotten to the point where I hate both Hillary and Obama. They're both weak and inept. She projects as a needy, whiny woman, and he is the master of vague uplifting statements.

What is going to happen when one of them eventually makes it out of this mess? Whoever is left is going to have survived MONTHS of accusation that they are unfit to be President-- by a leading member of their own party!

McCain has GOT to be the luckiest politico in this (albeit) brief century. All he has to do is kick back and let those two rip each other new ones. There is absolutely no way that, after all the mud slinging, the loser will have any credibility left to call for party unity.

Do I think that the Dems will flock back on this one? Maybe most will, but no tall. It's the Independents that matter in the end. They're a third of the electorate and not married to the thought of Any Democrat for President.

Hillary has had all the minutia of her life exposed for the longest period now. I doubt there's anything that anyone can dig up to make her look worse than she is. Obama is an unknown; the press are only starting to look into him and only recently starting to ask pointed questions, to which vague, uplifting statements are not always enough.

What is going to happen when McCain actually has the gall to point out the whacky things that Obama is saying? Obama has moved to distance himself from the racist preacher, sure, but only after the media storm hit. His judgement is at best an absolute unknown,... however what little we are seeing is frightening.

OMG! Four more years of Republicans. This is the only thing that it can mean.

I am overwhelmed with tears.