Sunday, March 09, 2008


I haven't seen snowdrifts over my head since I was a kid. We had two big storms last week.
It's a pain when you need to drive somewhere, but on the weekend when you can take your time shoveling out, it's kind of fun, particularly when E volunteers to man the snowblower.
One of my birdfeeders in the back yard is so low over the piled up snow, the birds can stand on the snow and enjoy the buffet.

E is predicting that cycling season won't start until May. I'm predicting a massive meltdown by April 1.

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Dodi said...

And I was feeling a bit bitchy about the flurries we had this morning. Sheesh!

Did you make a cave fort in the drift? That's what we did with the blizzards in the 70s. I have a great picture of my dad shoveling about four feet off the roof.