Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Surprise Me

While Barack Obama is my choice for U.S. President, I'm not sure he's the best choice as the Democratic candidate. The country is so divided, I think it would take a White Southern Male to give the Democrats a win. I'm scared that the U.S. is still so racist it will not allow Obama to be elected - even if he wins the popular vote, the results will be fixed the way they were for GWB.
I really hope I'm wrong, and I used to be much more optimistic and hopeful about the U.S., but the last 4 years have left me bitter and pessimistic.

Please, please prove me wrong.

If you have constructive ideas on what I can do to help Barack's cause, bring it on - I sent handwritten letters to women in Ohio begging them to vote against GWB in the last election, but Ohio still went the wrong way. Apparently the Republicans blocked 350,000 Ohio votes from being counted. Hopeless? Too corrupt to fight?

I know some (many) people are eagerly waiting the fall of the American Empire, almost salivating as the country implodes on itself. I don't want to see it. Can't the good guys win?

I wish I could think of a plausible way to create a Happily Ever After ending for this one, but I'm afraid it's going to be a horrific bloodbath that will leave us all with nightmares.


Anonymous said...

I too like Obama better than Clinton, but sometimes Clinton's arguments of being more electable sound reasonable. I really don't put in enough effort to get a balanced view of things. I can't listen or read about our current president without feeling physically ill. I marked the RS article for later reading.

I hate to think that a huge percentage of Americans can review the last eight years and say, "Give me more of the same please."

I think the US empire is already dead. We just can't see it clearly yet.

grandorse said...

The best way to help Obama this week is to donate something ($5 would be OK) to the DNC to show that you approve of his method of fundraising without lobbyists. If Hilary remains her normal bitchy self and doesn't get her people behind Obama things could get rough. Putting Caroline Kennedy on his VP vetting commitee was a stroke of genius (I think). I also think the Republicans could have made mincemeat of Hilary in a general election. Obama didn't bring up any of her past. Things look bright to me. One reason the votes weren't counted in Ohio was because Ohio had one of the most corrupt state governors in history. He has been voted out and replaced by a Democrat. He supported Hillary and threw his weight into her campaign. He will do the same for Obama.

grandorse said...

My pronouns got a little mixed up. The new governor supported Hillary and will support Obama. Also,there are tons of colleges students who didn't care in the last election and will do poll watching etc. The only people who cared last election were old progressives like me and we couldn't be everywhere.

Karen said...

I tried to give $$ to, but couldn't without a US address.

grandorse said...

Although I'm a member of I will not be donating to them for the election because the DNC, at Obama's request, is not accepting money from lobbyists or PACs. that's why it's important to donate.

You can write to the DNC here to find out how to donate to Obama.

Karen said...

They don't want my $$ either - that site lets you enter a non-US address, but it kept giving me processing errors.