Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I just got back from hearing author Louise Penny talk at a local library, and I am officially out of my whiny funk.

LP had writer's block for years - whenever someone asked her how the book was going she cringed as she LIED and said 'fine.' ouch - I'm right there.

Luckily for me she shared some lessons learned:
1) add structure to your day - schedule writing time
2) set attainable goals - don't think about writing a book, think about writing 1,000 words or a page
I KNOW this, but I guess I needed to hear it AGAIN - just like Kili - step by step - pole pole
3) Don't let your critic do the writing - send her away

I can do this.

Oh, and the BEST part of the night? I WON a draw for one of her books !! I LOVE free books : )

Oh, and the EVEN BETTER part? She signed it specifically for me after hugging me when I confessed to suffering from a paralyzing fear of writing.
Here's what she wrote:
For Karen,
My sister in writing - one K a day - that's all. And send the critic out of the room!
Louise Penny



grandorse said...

That's fantastic!!!!!!! And she's such a good writer--makes you wonder how all those awful books get published while someone like her is sitting around unpublished.

Anonymous said...

This is indeed important. Critics are those who wish they could, but can't.

As for Obama, how is it with 8 years of the whole George Bush mess, absolute apathy with all things Republican, an economy going down the toilet (attributed to Republicans and George Bush), savings and investments plummeting (especially for retirees), a war that goes on and on and on draining away the lifeblood of a nation, with McCain a dour, vindictive angry man, who encourages ridiculous rhetoric about Obama being a terrorist, and picks an absolute neophyte for running mate... that Obama is ONLY 4% above McCain's popularity? In this election year, which should be a cakewalk for a dead goat (if a dead goat would be the Dem's candidate), how come Obama has only a thin margin above his opponent? If Obama is such a great choice yet is doing so poorly in this supportive environment, how would he have fared in a more level election year, when neither candidate was so solidly associated to the past administration and the current fiscal disaster?

Honestly, this is not a good thing. The Dem's should have elected the woman and tried to make history that way.