Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Way to go, Mom!

Ohio went blue thanks in part to the tireless campaign efforts of my mother. She's been devoting all her time - not just her spare time - to the Obama campaign. When I was at my most pessimistic about how the majority of Americans would likely vote, she never lost faith and told me about all the people who had never voted, but would vote in this campaign now that they finally had a candidate. I'm glad you were right, Mom!

I am overjoyed at the results, and I am embarrassed to admit that the only support I gave was monetary. I had completely lost faith after the last election.

Thank you to all the Obama supporters and campaign volunteers - thanks to you we once again have hope.


Karen said...

The President of Kenya declared Thursday a national holiday to celebrate Barack Obama's election.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Grandorse rocks.

I only gave money too. More that even before, but still. I also displayed Obama car magnets, gave several away and displayed an Obama sign in a front window. Was unable to display a yard sign because I'm in a condo.

Oh, and I have two O T-Shirts that I wore throughout the summer and fall. Quite passive really. But it was cool how many people complemented me on the stickers and shirt and asked where they could get them.

Shortfuse said...

There was an election??? Ah how little we know about that large country to the south of us. Oh well, better get back to my trap lines before the snow blocks the igloo entrance.