Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Reading

Several of the blogs I follow have been talking about their reading lists, so I'm jumping in. My taste varies - my shelves are filled with a wide range of books.

Lately I've been enjoying YA, reading everything from John Green (favorite= Looking for Alaska), Laurie Halse Anderson (favorite = Speak, but Twisted a close second), recently finished and loved Out of Reach by VM Jones (a New Zealand author).

On my TBR pile are Generation Kill (because I loved the HBO series so much), The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Time Traveler's Wife and Practical Demonkeeping.

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Anonymous said...

Hm, I'm a huge fan of YA too. Must check out your list. I've read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Time Traveler's Wife.

Girl was a difficult read for me, but I always find translations of Nordic work difficult. It just jars me.

TTW was awesome and I cannot believe you haven't read it yet. Loved it, couldn't stop reading. I'm just waiting until I've forgotten enough detail to read it again, but when I think of the book the images are still strong.