Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Living in the Land of No Excuses

Last night I got grumbly. My computer stopped working last week after several power outages, and my tech support guy (aka E) advised me to take the opportunity to upgrade with a new system and dedicated UPS, so upgrade I did. However, setting up the new system is taking a little while, and in the mean time, I've had no access to my NovelWriter software or my printers. boo hoo.

Jane Austen managed to pen a few classics without Microsoft. Why can't I whip out my quill pen and get on with it? I've been identifying plot holes and tightening the Action/Reaction scene objectives in my Marshall Plan, but not having a computer was becoming a handy excuse to not get a whole lot done.

After I whined about not making good progress because of my lack of computer last night, E slyly reset the alarm, got up freakishly early this morning and set up a laptop in my office with access to everything I need.

I swear, if I lost a leg and said I couldn't run he'd go build one for me and tell me to lace up my Reeboks.


So I have a computer. Now it's up to me to meet my productivity objectives.


What are you grumbling about, and putting off doing for some lame reason that could be fixed with a little E-like ingenuity? Do it.


E's tech support charge for all of this? one fresh batch of Nanaimo bars. I'm even going to make them with dark chocolate.

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The Infamous E said...

Mmmmmmm Chocolate. Just think what I would do for 2 batches of these ;)