Sunday, December 13, 2009

Awesome weekend

Celebrated my birthday in Quebec City - went xc skiing, followed by a swim plus an icy sprint across a snow-covered courtyard to an outdoor jacuzzi. It was -12C (that's 14 F).

Enjoyed wonderful food (rabbit, duck, lots of chocolate!) plus wine.

Quebec City is beautiful- we've got to go back.

Then as a bonus, when I got home I found out I won a box of books! I LOVE free books: )

I'm really happy. Thank you Cindy Procter-King


Anonymous said...

Writing YA? Hit the following market and you'll make it big, apparently there can't be too many novels about this: teen-age girls who are so desperate for a date that the undead sound like a good thing.

You would have thought that this market would have been SATURATED years ago, but no, still more and more of these stamped out stories come out. It's the new Harlequin.

You'll make a fortune.

Karen said...

I loved Twilight, although I prefer Jacob over Edward. If only werewolves and vampires had been around when I went to high school I wouldn't have been stuck with all those irritating teenage boys. No wonder girls love reading these stories!

Anonymous said...
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