Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Linda is on the Ledge

My collaborator and sister with the majority of the writing talent (no, really!) is ready to jump ship. I convinced her to wait until we meet and review on Friday, but she refuses to back away from the ledge.

This has happened before. When we decided to ditch the stalker idea, I was on the ledge and she talked me down. It's just too bad we're never in synch. While one of us is happily writing away the other is miserable and distraught. Maybe we have a psychic sister connection where we have to timeshare creativity and confidence. As long as we don't both end up in the abyss at the same time we should be ok. Otherwise she'll be Thelma and I'll be Louise...

Does a ship have a ledge? Seee - I NEED her on board.

We discussed the possibility of starting a monkey farm together. It would probably be easier.


Cousin Laura said...

Thelma and Louise: Please do not drive your car off the cliff together. We need you both. Chieti Nickerson needs you both. I'm really enjoying this funny blog!

Ed said...

I wouldn't let small setbacks throw you off course.

Step away from the computer. Get a paper notebook, go find a place full of people to watch, or a place with lots to see. Write does ideas, snippits, etc, etc. Get a lot of these, then worry about sitting at the PC and crafting the story.

... not that I have any idea how to write a book!

Dodi said...

Ooh, monkeys. I love monkeys.

Seriously though, the creative process is always frought(sp?) with doubt. The lows make the highs that much better. They have to or no one would do it.

I can't imagine trying to write a book. Just writing a blog is tough for me, wondering why I'm doing it, why anyone would want to read it, how much personal stuff to blurt into the public domain.

Linda is an awesome writer. You both are. So lure her off the ledge of your ship with some Dominic Monaghan and Viggo Mortensen movies, then take her to a coffee shop (a la ed) with some notebooks, some colored pencils and a good pen each. Good snacks help.

Karen said...

I'll take any excuse to buy more notebooks and pens. Meads and Bics won't do. I'm partial to Jordi Labanda notebooks that they sell in Chapters and Barnes & Noble. They have cool chick-lit looking covers and four color-coded sections. I always feel triumphant when I move into a new color. I've filled 3 of those notebooks already, am into the red on my 4th and have a 5th ready and waiting.
wow - I can really babble about notebooks. Maybe I'll dump this into the book somewhere to get my word count up.