Monday, August 22, 2005

Officially Crabby

Not crazy crabby, but edgy, so yes, I am 24+ hours sugar free now. Sipping a Lady Jane tea with milk. mmmm. Got some writing done. Seems boring, but 1st draft is meant to be fixed up, riiiight?

Finished reading my 2nd Valerie Frankel book, The Accidental Virgin. Liked it, but not as much as the Girlfriend Curse. Linda is reading Tales of a Drama Queen by Lee Nichols. She says it's laugh out loud funny. I'll try to pry it out of her hands tonight.

Thank you, AD/KJ for reading this blog and sending me e-mail. :)

Nice day today. My window is open. Wonderful to have actual fresh air instead of recirculated a/c. ahhhh. Blog break is over. Back to writing next scene.

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Dodi said...

Good luck with the sugar thing. I was slowly slipping back into more sugar and then with my cold I succumbed. All the cold syrup is loaded with sugar and sugar-free cough drops don't seem to do much.

Are you doing no sweets or no sugar? No sugar is much harder unless you are used to making everything by scratch. I knew ketchup was loaded with sugar, but stuff you may not suspect is loaded too. Like italian dressing and bread and all my favorite asian dishes.

Many people I know who say they don't eat sugar actually follow the rule of five. If sugar (or any of its many cousins) are in the first five ingredients they don't eat it. You might want to avoid fruits with high GI too because they just set you up for craving. Eat berries. Yummy sweet and still low GI.

You are added to my daily list of blogs I read.