Sunday, August 21, 2005

Back to Blogging

Since I am too crazed to write the book, I will blog. It's supposed to at least get your butt glued to the chair and get you started writing. Maybe if I feel like I should be blogging, I will want to write the book instead.

Cover article in the Tribune today was about sugar addiction being like drug addiction. Not new information, but the image of lab rats next to a kid reaching for Oreos has made me decide to go cold turkey on sugar. I'm officially starting sugar detox, so I should be really crabby for the next couple of days. If I'm nice it means I'm cheating and fully toxed.

Freelance work continues to trickle in. This is a good thing. Pays much better than part-time work at Starbucks or Kohl's or even the freakin' library that never called me. Snubbed by the library? Not avid enough of a reader for them? I'm going to go with "overqualified" so I don't have to scrape my ego off the ground - it's taken enough hits this summer.

How is the book going? We're on our 3rd version of the outline. I am moving forward. I don't know what to tell you. I don't even pretend to know what I'm doing. I glance at the Help Wanted ads in the paper at corporate marketing jobs in the area and my stomach clenches into knots and I am miraculously inspired to get back in my chair and get back to the book. How are so many people cranking books out? Is all of their stuff unreadable shite? Are we setting our bar so high that we're paralyzed? Yes - let's go with that explanation. Actually we're trying to set the bar high enough that we won't be embarassed to have our names on this thing, but not so high that we want to vomit every time we re-read the shite we've written. Actually Linda's stuff is really honest and funny. Mine is insane babble and I've had to kill 90% of the characters I've created. My greatest fear: I am nothing but a marketing hack. Please, please let this not be true...

Must stop blogging and work on my sugar-free, novel-full existence. Wish me luck.

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