Thursday, March 16, 2006

My Yoda!

I went to hear author Emily Giffin talk last night and she was amazing! She grew up in the Chicago suburbs, went to law school, hated being a lawyer, quit, moved to London to write, gave herself a year deadline and managed to produce a New York Times best-selling chick lit book. That book was just optioned for movie rights, she's published two others and is working on a fourth.

I love that story.

I also enjoyed the chocolate cupcake with pink frosting, chit-chatting with other writers, and going out afterward for an Espressotini.

mood: inspired, motivated


Shortfuse said...

Ah, the glamorous life of chick-lit writers!

Karen said...

That's right. I'm definitely not sitting here in my pajamas with no makeup on crying because I can't find a crucial post-it.

Dodi said...

I read Something Borrowed. The writing was good and I wanted to like it. I just could not get behind the heroine. She slept with her friend's fiance and the rest of the book is her wanting him but feeling guilty. I don't care how perfect they were for each other. I guess I have zero tolerance for cheaters.

I'm still tempted to read the other one, which I guess starts where the other leaves off, but from the betrayed friend's perspective.

I'd like to read her again if there was a book that didn't turn me off morally. Glad she inspired you.

Karen said...

That's what Linda said about the Borrowed book. Maybe I'm morally corrupt enough that it won't bother me...