Thursday, March 02, 2006

Trinity in Trouble

Poor Trinity. I just noticed her hand reaching from behind my desk. I hope that isn't a metaphor for me and my book project. At least she still had her gun when I fished her out. She is now ready for action. Ok, yes - I have a Trinity doll. I liked the character in the first Matrix movie. Then she got irritating.


Shortfuse said...

What the title of tomorrow`s blog, "Finding Neo"?

Karen said...

Definitely not. Trinity went downhill once Neo took over. What happened to her? She went from confident and capable in the first movie to a damsel in distress. yuuuckk.

Dawn!!! said...

Hey hey... its me.. all the way from Montreal and into your blog! (does someone actually go INTO your blog?) Anyhow... I just found your blogspot address and seeing as I have so much free time at work I thought I would sneak a quick peek and comment... I quickly read the Trinity bit.. i hate dolls so I was kind of happy to see she had taken a nasty spill. As for the chocolate.. whoa.... reminds me its almost breakfast!