Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How do you pronounce Iqaluit?

I am in the process of memorizing all things Canadian. 10 provinces, 3 territories. What's the capital of Yukon territory, quick? I always think of Calvin losing Hobbes when he was acting stupid in the Yukon.

Yesterday I finally worked up the nerve to post a chapter of my novel to my online critique group. Today I had two encouraging replies with useful suggestions. Excellent. One suggestion was to add sensory detail of my character eating a muffin. I think this will require much research and taste-testing : )

Current location: Ashtabula OH en route back to Montreal.
Current mood: happy and motivated by critiques
Current weather: blowing snow. pretty.

Apparently the weather in Montreal is crap: wind-driven rain on top of ice. Would someone please appease the weather gods before I get there? yuk.

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Anonymous said...

what was the anwser to the "how to pronounce Iqaluit" question?