Friday, January 27, 2006

Page count zero

I know, I know, there are tons of people who work full-time, raise six kids, deliver meals on wheels AND find 'hidden' hours each day to write. I am not one of those people. When I'm at an office writing all day, it leaves me with little desire to sit at the computer and write more at night. So I don't. Sad but true. I might be winding up the last bits of my current freelance project so hopefully I will have time for book writing soon.
I'm torn between wanting more freelance work ($$) and wanting more time to write the book. I'm still searching for that sweet balance point.
Unfortunatley, I also haven't been reading at all and I don't like that. I MUST find time to read this weekend.
PS I'm annoyed at Oprah. What is her actual opinion? How could she have supported Frey in the first place? Can someone explain what she meant by having her thoughts clouded by the emails and emails from Frey's supporters? I never liked her book picks, but I used to respect her opinion. Used to.
My opinion? If your life isn't interesting enough for a memoir, write a novel. I also think it is the publishers responsibility to at least do some minimal fact-checking. Maybe I live in a dream world, but it's kind of nice here.


oprah winfrey said...

I was duped!

dorothy said...

Don't watch Oprah. Read FoxTrot.

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