Wednesday, January 11, 2006


The mom who sent invites to Emma's entire class, then when Linda called to RSVP she said she doesn't want Emma there. Linda was wayyy too nice about it. Instead of saying, "That's a really shitty thing to do and I hope you get yours you she-beast devilwoman." Linda said,"That's why it's a good idea to mail the invitations instead of handing them out in school.
I feel bad for that woman's daughter, growing up with an evil warped mom. I'm having fantasies of being in a position to help that woman, but instead crushing her with my boot heel. Evil, evil. If you have any venom to vent, send it her way. We HATESSSS you, Mrs. Harrington!


Anonymous said...

Okay- Mrs. Scare-ington didn't blatantly say, "Emma can't come." What she DID do was go on and on about how she had sent the invitations in last week, the teacher wouldn't distribute them unless there were three more to cover all the children in the class, and there was a huge argument between Mrs. Evilton and the teacher regarding whether or not Emma's in the class.

Mrs. Satanton must have said four times that her daughter insisted Emma was NOT in the class- That Emma only joins the class sometimes. Even after I nicely explained that Emma is in the class, she continued with her "My daughter says Emma's not in the class" blah blah blah....

The bottom, much repeated, line was that Ms. B. wouldn't distribute the invitations until there was one for Emma. Yay, Ms. B. Booooooo Mrs. Harringcrap. I said Emma can't make it, bye- and hung up.

We hatessssss her, precious.

Dodi said...

I'm still sputtering with disbelief and anger. What the fuck!?! I don't think Emma should be anywhere near this evil bitch.

You'd think Mrs. Hairybottom would believe the teacher when she says Emma is in the class.

We hatesss you, Mrs. Harbinger of Evil!

Anonymous said...

Dear Karen,

Even your words are way nicer and cleaner than I would have used.

Oh, that makes me a potty mouth!