Saturday, May 06, 2006

Energy levels

I do not consider myself to be a lazy person. I work, I work out, I take the stairs instead of the elevator. I almost never laze in front of the television. In general, I usually feel like I accomplish a decent amount every day.

That being said, I cannot keep up with e. In the time it took me to make coffee and read Evil Editor, he installed an FM transmittor on the laptop in the kitchen so we can play music on speakers in the living room and the porch, and then he carried in the pieces (IKEA) of the second book shelf for my office. As he lugged the pieces up the stairs, I was sitting in my office sipping coffee.

I am not done with my 'downtime' but I feel a little guilty while he runs around work-work-working. He's even humming a happy tune. This is completely foreign behavior to me. He claims he isn't annoyed by my need for a little more 'downtime' but I am suspicious, happy tune notwithstanding.

Ok, I have to at least go clear space for this book shelf. My coffee will definitely get cold in the process. Must find a balance here....


dorothy said...

E needs to have his neices and nephews visit. Does he have any? You might have to import yours. Kinna seems to need downtime but Emma and Nate don't.

Dodi said...

You cannot judge yourself by someone else's pace. I've been doing that for decades and I just can't do it anymore. I move at a slower pace than my mom or sister, especially in the morning. I need to stop looking at them and find my own standards.

Am I doing what needs to be done? Is this the right amount of stuff for me?

If you are getting done what you need to get done to keep your life running smoothly and meet your own goals then you should not feel guilty.

Just because e. is one of those peppy people you want to kick down a flight of steep stairs before the caffine kicks in, doesn't mean you have to change your own rhythms.