Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Evil Editor takes on a Quebec Separatist Plot

I am addicted to Evil Editor. He makes fun of people's query letters for their novels and then posts a revised version. Maybe you have to be in the process to appreciate it, but I think he's hilarious. His blog today includes a query for a book about Canadian civil war.

Why do I have so much free time to browse the Internet at my leisure?
a) because I've finished all my freelance work
b) because my book is done
c) because my world will stop spinning without Miss Snark and Evil Editor
d) because I'm supposed to be packing and I'm avoiding it

Those of you familiar with our main character Karen know that the answer is d, although c is also acceptable.

Packing. Again. This story is getting old - I know.

This time I'll be in Plainfield for 3 weeks, then it's back to Parrot Island officially. It isn't easy leaving E this time and it's going to be incredibly difficult to leave the 'trattons. I can't think about it, not sure how I'm going to do it.

For now, procrastination....

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