Monday, May 15, 2006

Helping E Appreciate the Fine Art of Slacking

Spent the weekend at E's cottage 'up north'. We already live further north than any of my friends or family, but we went further 'up north' to relax. Thanks to the rain and bugs there was nothing to do but lounge around reading and watching movies.

I was concerned about E's ability to take advantage of the slacker opportunity when he put rain boots on Saturday morning to go retrieve his dock that had floated away. He redeemed himself by sleeping all afternoon and helping me make dinner by telling me to 'put on my boots, go outside under the deck and turn on the tank' in order to use the gas stove. I did it even though a true slacker would have just made popcorn instead of cooking a meal. My thai beef pasta was delicious, BTW.

Apart from an unfortunate hornet sting incident, the weekend was perfect. I did some work on my book, read a few chapters in Villette and de-stressed.

On a side note: if Wolverine were bitten by a hornet do you think he would complain? I'm pretty sure he WOULD because it really freakin' hurts.

Another side note: got my new monitor and printer set up. Nice.


Trackrick said...

I don't think Wolverine would complain, because he isn't really the type to talk about his feelings. The dude did get shot in the head, and I don't remember him complaining about that.

That said, he would be well aware of how much it hurts. It just wouldn't hurt for long, what with the whole healing thing he has going on and everything.

Dodi said...

[mr burns hand-rubbing gesture] Excellent. When do I get my draft copy of your novel?[/mr burns hand-rubbing gesture]

Pretty monitor. Hornet stings are awful!

dorothy said...

Putting a sheet of Bounce in your back pocket is supposed to keep yellowjackets away from you. I wonder if it works for hornets? Did E make you treat it with mud?

Could you use our snappy new grill from last summer? I think we're going to buy a big green egg and go with the natural charcoal. I'll bet we could get away with taking the grill and fuel across the border if we said we were going to picnic, eh?

Your new monitor looks great. Is that your new printer? It's not color at that price, right? I'd love a color laser, but don't think it's going to happen--too many other things in line in front of it. Like a big green egg.

I don't know Wolverine.