Friday, November 17, 2006

Now I know what a root canal feels like

Not fun. And mine wasn't even that bad - over in one session. Now my jaw is sore, but it only *hurts* when I sneeze. I've been avoiding using the left side of my mouth to chew for a couple of months already, so continuing to do so while the rc heals isn't too tough.

So my NaNo count hasn't moved, and my ToDo list has nothing crossed off. Must rectify this today. The good news is I met an accountant Wednesday, and my finances are all under control. Big sigh of relief. I was dreading finding out that I'd screwed it up and would owe big bags of cash.

Must work on ToDo list.

Would rather curl up with a book and pretend that my tooth hurts more than it does. Oh the agony...

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