Saturday, November 18, 2006


I am trying to plant seeds to let my subconscious come up with a good revenge idea. I think revenge appeals to us because we like to think up ways to smite our enemies, but we never actually move beyond the thinking stage. The idea of actually going through with a revenge plan is irresistible. I recall reading a short story by Stephen King about revenge. The story involved a guy who went to the trouble of moving a road and painting a fake road over a pit and then burying his enemies alive in the pit. good stuff.

Weekend goal: run 15K, write 5K Sat; run 8K, write 5 k Sun. Woe be to anyone who tries to get in my way.


Anonymous said...

the best revenge is living well, or some such thing like that.

Dodi said...

This reminded me of the Color Trilogy movies. I can't remember though if it is Red or White that has revenge. Maybe neither, I know there is anger though. Hmm. Time to watch those again. Blue is my favorite.

There is anouther one just under my conscienceness. I'll ponder on it.

You are a monster! Your goals are crazy intense and you meet them. I see your word count is 40028! Congrats! Will you be my coach should I ever attempt NaNoWriMo?

Anonymous said...