Saturday, November 04, 2006

Shifting Position

That's my new NaNo working title: Shifting Position

I'm currently at 5085 which makes me caught up as of yesterday's target, with time to reach today's: 6668.

NaNo Update 8pm: 8,125 words. yeah, baby!

Now it's off to go running, plant tulips and possibly rake some leaves.

As for the deer-hunters, one of their friends who didn't go this weekend just called to get the phone number at the cottage because he found one guy's ammo under the seat of his car. Hmm, I wonder if Mr. no-ammo plans to just jump out of his tree stand with a knife. It's more sporting than using ammo, I guess.

It sounds like I am surrounded by colourful, interesting characters, but honestly, they're too bizarre for fiction. Must find more believable friends.

Freelance update: my designer has finished my business card and sent me a draft of my profile sheet. I LOVE my new card : ) and can't wait to have a thousand of them on my desk : ) :)


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should drop the word count in your book writing project and, instead, adopt a by-the-ounce count. A sheet of paper weighs, what? .1 ounces? You could set your targets as "November: Write 1 Pound of novel." Sort of like a grocery list.
And if you find your characters aren't working out, you could jot down on your to-do list : "find way of removing three fluid ounces of Carly's dumb boyfriend James. This guy is a loser. What was I thinking making him a wavy-haired, rocker with soft brown eyes and a voice that goes on forever? I must have been mad! Or reliving twisted memory flashbacks of past boyfriends + sampling acid in chemistry lab at university during dateless weekends. Have to ask Sis if ever dated any brown eyed/voice/wavy haired creature. Maybe this was one of HER boyfriends! Grrrrr. She always got the hunks!!!"

Karen said...

hey, can I use that? It sounds pretty good...

Anonymous said...

Since I am Anonymous there are no copyright issues.
How many ounces have you written today?

Dodi said...

Love the card.

Are you still ahead with the count? I thought of you this weekend as I tidied away the debrie from halloween costume making. Hope you are having fun.

Karen said...

Still on track - exceeded 10,000 yesterday. Spent the morning concept-mapping. Time to get back to it.