Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Code pink lifted

I am lucky. Being flown to Montreal for 4 weeks and then being able to stay an extra two and being able to see my friends, go out, have fun, etc. etc. -- it's all good. I'm still a little cranky today. Why? The grey drizzly rainy snowy weather here just brings out the whiner in me. I'm going to miss Thanksgiving again. I know - I can't have it both ways -- it's either US or Canada.

Picture me standing on one of those floating ice chunks. Now the ice chunk splits so one foot is on each side of the split. It's ok at first, but the chunks are starting to drift apart and I'll have to choose which side to shift to before I end up dropping into the icy water.



Laura said...

We'll miss you at Thanksgiving! It would have been cool to catch up in person, but of course getting a paycheck is important, too. On Thursday I'll eat your piece of pumpkin pie.

Anonymous said...

Not much room to drift, you kow; your ice chunks are landlocked.

Karen said...

Yum - pumpkin pie. Apparently my plan is to have a beer with my beau and his ex. I'm sure it will be just as much fun.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you'll miss American Thanksgiving. That's really sad.