Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Plan C - Change is good

I was pretty shell-shocked all day Monday. The weekend was a total blur: book ticket, find presentable fall work clothes and shoes in piles of packing boxes, pack bags, hop on plane. Linda kept joking that I was being shipped out: "Come on, maggot - get that bag packed, put those boots on, MOVE MOVE MOVE!" That's kind of what I felt like.

Now I am settling in. Luckily I am staying in accommodations with an excellent amenities package: my own office with computer, phone and Internet access, free use of the basement gym complete with heavy bag for kickboxing, an open invitation to the all-you-can-eat chocolate supply, use of the house vehicle - I drop him at the train station and drive in. It's all good. I have drawer space, there's an iron and an ironing board. No bathroom squabbles so far.

Oh yeah - the work part is fine, too.

The only slight incident involved me chucking my nylons down the laundry chute at the end of the day Monday to hear a "HEY!" from downstairs. OOOps - sorry about that. My bad. Why couldn't I have chucked something cool like a lacy bra? Nooo - I had to chuck some yukky, foot-odorous day-old nylons. Great. We've since worked out a system where I yell "Fire in the hole!" before chucking stuff down the chute.

In case anyone was wondering, unlimited chocolate supply use = 3, home gym use = 1. Some things never change.

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