Friday, November 04, 2005

On to Plan C

I was on track with my page count this week, I wrote all the other page counts HUGE on my wall calendar and I had my mind made up that I would hit the mark by Christmas. Then the phone rang.

"Hi, Can you come work for us in Montreal for a month?"
"Uhh- sure!"
"Can you be here Monday?"
OK, see you then.

So I am doing laundry and packing. The book is coming with me, but I will have to give myself a one month extension. One month won't make a difference, and the extra money I'll be earning will buy me several months of living expenses.

It's all good.


Ed said...

Congrats! :)

Karen said...

Let's definitely meet for coffee while I'm there! :)

Dodi said...

Wow, same company you quit to come to Plainfield?

Have fun!

Dodi said...

So, how is Plan C working out?

Antonio Hicks said...

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