Thursday, November 17, 2005


Sorry for the abrupt change, I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed by the testosterone level in my current surroundings. Yes - I know that during the day I work in a girlie haven but the evenings are spent in a definite guy space. Not Oscar Madison - no, but still, nothing pink, no Barbies, no non-camo colors at all. Just needed some pink in my little corner of cyberspace.

I am still on track. Did some writing yesterday afternoon and managed to carve out 1/2 hour at lunch today. I think those little snippets of time will keep me sane. I am not getting along with the printer in this testosterone den - it refuses to print any chick-lit related material. Buffy is going to take it down this weekend.

Ahh - the pink is working already. Just made plans to go see In Her Shoes on Sat as an escape from War Movie Marathon day here. excellent.


Anonymous said...

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Shortfuse said...

OK, we'll paint your office and your toes pink this weekend!

Dodi said...

I like it. I just can't read you at work without everyone knowing it isn't work-related. Pink isn't part of our branding.

These frickin' ads. I can't believe they actually get results. But then I don't understand sales calls at home. But someone must buy them. I wonder if it is about increasing their ranking in search engines? More links = higher ranking. Bleck.

Keep up the good work Karen! Maybe you can sneek in some scented candles and some bud vases on the TV.

And Yeah! You linked to me!

Dodi said...

I'm not sure if my comment went through. If it did you can erase this one. ie not publish it.

Karen said...

oops - sorry about the comments muck-up. I had to change the moderator settings because I kept getting crap ad comments.
Thanks for the real comments :)

For the record, my office and my toes are not pink, and Shortfuse asked if I was planning on leaving my blog pink indefinitely...