Thursday, December 08, 2005

Changers versus Stayers

I'm reading about characterization and I'm finding it interesting to really think about and examine favourite characters. Stayers are the characters that don't change - they're consistent and reliable - Stephanie Plum, for example. I liked her for a while, but now she's starting to bore me. Can a Stayer change? I suppose it would be next to impossible to get Stephanie to change at just the right time to please all of her fans.

I like the way Elizabeth Peters handles Amelia Peabody. While she is more or less a stayer, Peters moves time along, forcing Peabody to change as her life circumstances change from single to married to mother to grandmother. While her basic values and attitude don't change, we see different aspects of her personality revealed at those different times of her life.

Back to it... I have a character that I'm struggling with. I think I need to embrace his darker side. I'm having a hard time with my not-so-good characters. I guess it's because I'm sooo good... I just can't relate :)

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