Thursday, December 29, 2005

You Know I'm Feeling Better When

The book angst returns. Ahh - back to this. Now instead of not sleeping well because I'm chilled and achy, I'm not sleeping because I have too many minor characters and not enough action. No one wants to watch my character sit around and think. Or do they? Doesn't Bridget Jones sit around and think? She had a few madcap moments, but her thoughts are pretty funny. Hmm I better re-think this thinking thing.

I am not 100% but the achy breaky feeling has gone and the brain fog has cleared, and I can sit up so it's a big improvement. Linda said my room smells like popcorn and humidity. I suppose there are worse smells, but this unique odor was caused by the microwavable heating pad I've been using for the past 2 days nonstop. Finally I can put it away and my room can go back to smelling like -- ? Printer paper and running shoes? Not sure.

Need action. Hmm - my character gets the flu and sits around watching Firefly and microwaving her heating pad. Now that's a gripping story! Where does the inspiration come from?

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