Thursday, December 15, 2005

Facing Fear

That's me, ice climbing!

I agreed to this back in July. Sitting on the porch at the cottage it sounded great. Flash forward to a cold day in December.
E:Hey you know what we could do tomorrow?
me: (thinking movies, wine by a fireplace) "No, what?"
E: Go ice climbing! Remember, you said you wanted to try it.
Me: Where? (stalling..)
E: Right downtown. It's easy!
Me: "Uh, ok"
I don't think fast on my feet, plus there is no excuse that E couldn't out-manouvre. He has extra equipment, extra socks, extra gloves, extra everything. All I had to do was muster the courage. I was barely able to, but I did. I'm glad I did - it was a lot of fun - really! There's this place to go right downtown in Montreal next to the McGill campus where you can be roped in from the top so it's very safe and secure. If you want to see more pictures, you can visit my flicr account.

Time to go pack - I leave Montreal today. I am sad to leave E, but happy to be seeing the Strattons and my parents for early Christmas this weekend.


E said...

Glad you got your courage up and did it. You did really well for the first time. From here on, it gets easier with practice.

"May every day be an adventure!"

Dodi said...

Wow! You've had some major adventures this visit! Definitely something I like in theory but would choke with fear if actually attempted. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Is that really a photo of you or is it Eric (otherwise secretly refered to as "E", as they refer to "Q" in James Bond, or "O" as in a sadomasochistic novel, etc...) Can I be "B" or has that been taken? I hope it hasn't. "B" is almost as good as "E" and can be equally mysterious.
I would settle for "B".

And consider the following:
Ninja can be "N".
John (as in John and Babbs) can be "J".
Ed cannot be "E" as there is already an "E". Problem. Perhaps he can be known as "Ed".

I still think that might be Eric ("E") in the photo. Notice there is no real way to tell who is in that photo. It could very well be "B", or "N", or even "Ed."

Karen said...

Hi B,

Good to see you are done studying and back to your normal, relaxed self.

E had a reputation - he can't be caught by his peers traversing beaver dams and climbing mini ice walls with wanna-be novelists - he'd be off the 'A' list for sure. Too bad his name doesn't start with Q. Maybe I'll just start calling him Q. Good idea. I'll be sure to give you credit.